Car alarms & Engine Immobilisers, Earthmover security systems, Central locking, Keyless Entry

Car alarms & Engine Immobilisers, Earthmover security systems, Central locking, Keyless Entry

Vehicle security is an increasing concern amongst all kinds of Cars, Vans & Trucks, wether it being a Turbocharged high performance, Classic, Grey Import, Work vehicle or your daily drive.

Vehicle theft occurs for the following reasons;

– For parts which are no longer available or hard to source – especially Grey imports
– For parts which are too expensive to replace (SRS Airbags, Navigation systems, etc)
– To commit other crimes (Fuel theft, Ram Raids, Drive-by-shootings, etc)
– To take your high performance car for a spin (V8 & Turbo badges are the kiss of death)

And the car does not need to be stolen to cause harm to your business or livelihood. Contents left in your vehicle such as tools, stock, Laptop computers, tablets, etc. can fall victim if your vehicle is unprotected. You may think that your tablet or computer can be easily replaced, but what about all your data on those devices – if stolen, you would have to start again from square one. And don’t forget the feeling that someone has raided your personal space.

Excavators and earthmoving vehicles also fall victim to theft. As Earthmoving equipment appear all alike from a distance, It is hard to determine if your machine has been put on the back of a thief’s truck, or someone else’s.

Protect your vehicle or earthmover with Technique’s range of Security systems ranging from;

  • Proximity Immobilisers
  • Jackplug Immobilisers
  • Remote alarm systems
  • Upgrade alarm systems (using your original equipment remote controls)
  • Car alarms, Immobilisers and Keyless entries
  • Security systems for Trucks, Excavators, Skidsteer loaders & other Earthmoving equipment

All our security systems are available in 12 and 24 volt options, and our security systems are available in various levels from Entry level to Flagship protection with multiple immobilisation points. Optional protection accessories are available.

To further protect your investment, the TechniqueFleet Secure Tracking system can be added to the above security systems, or most original equipment alarm systems.

TechniqueFleet Secure gives you the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected, and in the event the security system is triggered or if the vehicle is moved illegally, you will receive a push notification alert on your Android or iOS phone or device. In the Event of a theft, you can live track your vehicle’s exact movements on your desktop or laptop computer.

If you are a Tradesperson or you use your vehicle for work purposes, you can take advantage of the in-built FleetConsole tracking platform and throw away your logbooks.

For more information, click here to visit the Tracking systems page.