Cruise controls for Everyday and Grey import vehicles

Cruise controls for Everyday and Grey import vehicles

Australia is without question ‘Cruise control country’. Long stretches of roads, highways and freeways can make driving a pain and cause fatigue, as well as you potentially getting caught for speeding.

Technique’s range of Cruise controls by Command is your best friend for when it comes to long distance driving. The Command range of Cruise controls allows you to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Increase driving comfort & reduce fatigue
  • Prevent unnecessary fuel waste due to erratic speed and continual acceleration/deceleration
  • Avoid lost points and fines from unintended speeding
  • Arrive at your destination more relaxed

The Command range of cruise controls employ the latest Microprocessor technology and continuous speed monitoring (up to 35 times per second) as well as integration with the latest vehicle technologies (CAN-bus)*

The Command range of cruise controls are available in Vacuum, Electric, Drive by wire and CAN-bus, with switch options including Stalk, Steering wheel & Dashboard/Centre console mount.

The Command Cruise control Models include;

  • AP60 – Economical and suitable for limited cars with Accelerator Cable. Comes with Dash mount switch.
  • AP307 – Entry level cruise control with self learning technology and fine tuned Initial throttle engage & accelerattion sensitivity adjustments. Comes with Dash mount switch.
  • AP300 – Vacuum cruise Control suits all cars with accelerator cable. Comes with a choice of Steering wheel or stalk switches.
  • AP500 – Electric cruise Control suits all accelerator cable equipped cars. Recommended for turbocharged or supercharged engines. Comes with a choice of Stalk or Steering wheel switches.
  • AP900 – Drive by wire Cruise control suits late model cars with Drive by Wire acceleration. Comes with a choice of Stalk, Steering Wheel or dash mount switches.
  • AP900c – Drive by wire Cruise control with CAN-bus connection. Removes the need for Magnetic speed pulse generators on the driveshafts or other un-approved installation methods.

Contact us to enquire for your car’s suitability.

Command cruise controls can be installed in most vehicles ranging from older cars, everyday cars, Grey Imports, Commercial vehicles & 12 volt light trucks.

*CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) was jointly developed back in the 1980’s by Robert Bosch Limited and Vector Informatik. In short, CAN-bus is advanced technology which is used in late model Cars, Trucks and Buses/Coaches. Vehicles equipped with CAN-bus contain a number of computer modules, radios, instrument clusters, etc. throughout the vehicle and communicate via data wires. This reduces the need for excess wiring in the car while increasing functionality of the vehicle.

Command Cruise controls employ CAN-bus technology by obtaining all necessary information to make the cruise control function and fully integrated in the vehicle. An increasing amount of vehicles are employing CAN-bus technology which prevents conventional Cruise controls from being installed to our expecting levels. An example of this is the speed signal being obtained by mounting Magnets on the vehicle’s tailshaft or driveshaft which can cause imbalance & vibration as well as unreliability.
Installing Magnets for cruise controls were reserved only for older model cars which had no speed pulse from the Engine management system or Electronic speedometer. From our perspective, we consider installing magnets on modern day vehicles to be an insult.