Security and Fleet management GPS Tracking systems

Security and Fleet management GPS Tracking systems

Your company vehicles are the money generating asset, and to get the most out of it, you need to see where they are right now, where have they been & if the drivers are providing due care.

The TechniqueFleet range of Tracking, Telematics, Telemetry & M2M products are designed & developed based on our customer’s feedback, suggestions and comments made about Mainstream Tracking only suppliers.

TechniqueFleet vehicle tracking units have class leading reliability & resistance to the harshest conditions as well as allowing you to upgrade with additional feature you may need now and in the future,

TechniqueFleet products are available as;

  • Level 1
  • Pico
  • Level 2
  • Self monitored security
  • Monitored security

TechniqueFleet is designed to eliminate the need for Heavy vehicle Work diaries and handwritten Logbooks. With high accuracy GPS receivers, accelerometers & Vehicle speed signal connection, along with customisable entries on your web based Fleet console, TechniqueFleet will automatically record all entries as if you have filled out the Work diary or Logbook yourself.

The Speed signal connection is absolutely paramount as tunnels, between tall buildings & other areas where GPS signals are poor or weak affect the performance and accuracy of your trip reports, as well as false speed readings which can result in unfair employment terminations, etc.

These benefits are not limited to multiple vehicle fleets, these benefits are also for Sole Traders, Mobile Franchise holders, Owner drivers, etc. By using TechniqueFleet to replace your logbook or Work diary, you can be rest assured that TechniqueFleet will not forget to make entries, no matter how hard or demanding your day is. And most importantly, you can focus on making money and doing what you do best – your job.

The Fleet console (also known as the AVL server) is the heart of the TechniqueFleet suite. The Smartphone and tablet friendly Fleet console provides all the information you need and allows you to view current & past locations, download Electronic Work diary & Logbook entries, perform your typical Tracking functionalities and more.

TechniqueFleet customers can allow their clients, contractors, etc to have their own Fleet console login to track & monitor the vehicle, and other vehicles equipped with TechniqueFleet.

(Coming soon)

The optional Driver Console is available in 5 inch and 7 inch sizes and allows you to do more and benefit more. The driver console, hardwired directly to the TechniqueFleet tracking unit is purpose built for vehicle applications and withstand heat, vibration and humidity that is common with vehicle cabins in all climate circumstances.

TechniqueFleet Driver consoles feature

  • Communication between the driver & the Fleet manager via instant messaging with pre-programmed messages & replies.
  • Advanced In-vehicle Navigation powered by √§utosignia & Whereis with Vehicle combination specific routing and ease of use.
  • Integration of compatible On-board truck scales & allowing full functionality, including configuration & calibration.
  • FleetVoice – Closed group voice communications allowing FleetVoice equipped vehicles in the fleet to communicate with each other and to the Fleet manager’s desk or tablet/smart device
  • PIN code login – eliminates the need for swipe cards, Driver ID tags, etc. Greatly beneficial for Two-up LongHaul drivers and vehicles with multiple drivers.
  • Customisation – Discuss with us of your specific requirements and we can create a proprietary system which remain an exclusivity to you.
  • Simple & intuitive operation

For more information on techniqueFleet, click here to visit the TechniqueFleet website